Born in Ripon, Ms Ward is an active campaigner for equal rights and social justice, most recently organising local events for One Billion Rising, the global movement to raise awareness of violence against women and girls.

Prior to being elected as an MEP 2014, she had been working with partners in the EU and beyond for more than a decade, Including an international delegation to Belfast to participate in an all-party discussion about the role of the arts in peace-building processes.

I am Innovator-in-Residence at the Manchester Central Library.
I spend time with people to support them to develop and take their ideas forward.

Ruk-bug is my brainchild. I wanted to make a children’s pushchair that breaks the mould. It is designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK, bringing a new mix of style, functionality and practicality to the market.

Manchester Central Library nursed it as it progressed in its early days, feeding it with the information required to grow. By accessing the resources in business and IP departments, I developed the foundations for my business. Market research reports would be inaccessible without the library. Patent Library completed a worldwide search
on the product combined with my own searches, and so the business began to take shape. Now Ruk-bug is launched and I’m open for business.