Before becoming a Member of the European Parliament, Antanas Guoga was a businessman in both Lithuania and Australia.  Prior to that – a professional poker player. As a child, he was the Rubrik's Cube champion of Lithuania before moving to Melbourne, Australia.

The Antanas Guoga Foundation supports various organizations and individuals, focusing mainly on start-ups and sports.



The very first time I stepped into a library building I was 8. I remember a librarian had visited our school, inviting children to become members of the local public library. In the beginning, the library seemed like a huge, unwelcoming building, filled with books and perhaps even somewhat scary. But I changed my mind very soon, after visiting the children’s department. I joined classes offered during the summer vacation by university students.

Because I had been visiting the library on a regular basis, I became friends with the librarians. I realised that there is no need to be afraid of them – that they are in fact very friendly and helpful. Within two years the library became such an important part of my life. I wanted to nurture this relationship. And so five years ago my friend and I launched a club of volunteers called “Hardworking Bees”. We organise activities for kids. We have lots of fun. My classes are well attended.

That’s how I grew up in this library. At the library, everybody is the same. The library environment comforts you and yet, it is where wisdom starts.