Born in Togur, Siberia, Rusia, where her family was deported from Latvia during the Soviet occupation. Her family returned to Latvia when she was seven years old.

Sandra Kalniete is a published art historian. She became politically active in 1988, during Latvia’s independence movement.

Besides other political positions, she served as Foreign Minister of Latvia 2002–2004 and as European Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries in 2004.

Sandra Kalniete is a Member of the EP since 2009.



I signed up for this project because I’m interested in new technology. And also because I love to read. I wanted to learn how to read e-books. In this project, we use tablets and an app called “FastrBooks”. The library recommended it. We read as many books as we can and every month, we get together at the library to share our experiences.
Reading books on mobile devices is much more efficient because obviously tablets are easier to carry around. And there is no paper involved. I can download as many books as I like, change the font size to my preference, or use the night mode, which is very convenient. Of course, your eyes get tired a bit quicker when using a tablet, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay. I love this project and I love the library. I discovered social reading because of them.