Lynn Boylan grew up in the Kilnamanagh area of Tallaght, Ireland.

Initially, she studied journalism and later went on to earn post-graduate qualifications from University College Dublin in Environmental Impact Assessment and European Environmental Conservation Management.

In 2010 she became Chair of the food safety promotion board Safefood. She was also working as a coordinator for the Irish Wildlife Trust at Killarney National Park. In 2014, she was elected Member of the European Parliament for Dublin.


I had difficulty learning how to read and write when I was young, back in the 50s. People did not know about dyslexia. So they used to call me names. We moved to England and at the age of 19 I met a girl who was passionate about reading. She encouraged me to learn how to read and write.

I spent more than 35 years working as a driver in England. Now I am living in Ireland, enjoying my retirement. At the library I learned about a whole new world online. It was like being 19 all over again. I learned how to stay in touch with my family abroad through Skype and email. Actually the librarians helped me set up my hobby in antiques through eBay.

I am so grateful to my library, without it I would be lost.