Margrete Auken was educated at the University of Copenhagen.
She is a parish priest at the Frederiksberg Church in Denmark. Following protests against nuclear energy in Denmark, she got actively engaged in politics and joined the Danish Socialistisk Folkeparti in 1972. She was a member of the Danish parliament from 1979 to 1990 and from 1994 to 2004. In 2004 she was elected Member of the European Parliament.



My name is Teona Florin. I was born in Georgia. Today I am living in Denmark with my family. For me the library is the place where I can go to learn more about the Danish language and improve my own language skills. It is also the place where I get inspired to borrow the good childrens books I read to my son every night at bed time.

It is very important for me that he gets the same language skills as the other children in his kindergarten so he can have the same opportunities as other Danish children when he grow up in this society.

The library staff is very helpful. I feel welcome here and I am grateful for the opportunities the library offers me and my family to learn and to be inspired by wonderful stories.