Born in Sofia. Being professional bibliographer, she has worked as librarian in the past. Mihaylova is a former member of the executive council of the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training.

In her political career, she served as Environment Minister of Bulgaria.


My name is Bozhidar Tchergarov. I lost my eye-sight at 17. I’ve been a member of the Nikola Fournadzhiev Regional Library since my early school years. Thanks to the library and the Global Libraries Bulgaria programme, I joined two ICT trainings. They had a significant impact on my future. I learned how to use a computer, work with different application programs, and search for information and contacts. I love NDVEI – the programme for the visually impaired.

I applied to university and currently I am a Master’s student in Special Education. The ICT trainings which are organized by the library help me in my everyday activities. The skills and knowledge I have gained I use for finding information, for writing my course papers, and for designing presentations. For me the library is a window to the world.
It is indispensable, because it helps me build up new contacts and make new friends.